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Welcome to Take a moment to learn about my services by browsing this site. The ultimate goal of this web site is to provide you with the resources necessary to make an informed decision regarding your mortgage financing and other related financial issues.

Freddie Mac estimates that by the end of 2003 U.S. homeowners had nearly $8 trillion in home equity. Almost 70% of America's homeowners have more equity in their homes than in all other investments combined. The numbers suggest that most individuals consider the equity in their homes as their primary vehicle for building net worth.

Unfortunately, this is a flawed and inefficient strategy for increasing net worth. The (mis)use of home equity is a primary reason that most homeowners retire "house rich and cash poor."

As a mortgage planner I specialize in helping my clients increase their net worth through the proper management of their mortgage and home equity. After having more than 20 years in the financial services industry I have the experience and knowledge to clearly explain how to use your mortgage to maximize cash flow , maximize tax deductions and better position assets to maximize the rate of return .

By integrating sound financial planning principles and asset protection ideas my clients are assured of receiving well-grounded mortgage financing advice that goes far beyond the usual "rates and fees" financing scenarios.

Let's put my twenty years in
financial planning and mortgage management
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